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EV Charge Solutions for the Home

Skybless has developed a set of solutions and services to address the charging needs of 2/4 wheeler electric vehicles of residents in urban buildings.



  • Takes < one hour for a full charge 

  • Availability and Compatibility are key issues

  • Should be preferably attended

  • More expensive than slow charging

Ideal at parking locations which are generally manned such as Malls, Hotels, Airports, Organized Parking, Office or Apartment Bldgs with high count of electric cars.


  • Takes > 8  hours 

  • Easy availability and compatibility : Can be charged with the Cable that comes with the car from a standard 15 A plug

  • Dedicated / Long term Parking essential

  • Economical

It can be easily set up in independent homes, difficult in apartment buildings.


In 8 out of 10 times, EVs get charged at home in slow charging mode. EV owners usually tap a connection from their home electricity meter and run wiring up to their parking lot. This method works elegantly in Bungalows. However in Apartment complexes such set-ups create several challenges such as:


1. The Meter rooms are generally very congested and there is not enough space to run power cables beyond the first or second instance


2. It opens up entry to several persons into a room which otherwise had a restricted authorized access and can be prone to misuse


3. As the number of such connections increases, the cables tend to create a tangled web increasing the risks of short circuits, shocks and fires


4. The sanctioned load of home meters is usually < 3 kW and using them to power the ACs and the EV charging simultaneously during night could lead to tripping and or cable burn outs


5. Every EV owner has to invest in the Cabling separately thus losing the advantage of sharing of infra cost and in a way carries the burden of mishaps arising out of the issues mentioned earlier.

Skybless understands these challenges and has developed a set of solutions and services to address the charging needs of 2/4 wheeler electric vehicles of residents and also that of the 2/3/4 wheeler EV’s of visitors, spanning slow, fast and super-fast charging. 

Besides, Skybless also helps Urban Buildings to utilize their vacant terraces, wherever feasible, to generate clean energy from roof top solar and feed it to the building utilities as well as the charging stations, to create an end to end clean energy value chain. 

Skybless Dedicated Port Solution with Fast Charging for for 4W EVs

Shared Fast Charging for 4w EV's

Shared charging for small EV's

  • For 2/4 wheelers

  • 3 kW to 22 kW AC charging, independent of home meter

  • Charge with cable & Charger provided by the EV manufacturer

  • Pay through the mobile app

  • Costing as per capacity availed (3/7/11/22 kW)

  • Set up and serviced by Skybless 

  • 20 kW to 50 kW

  • Superfast DC charging 50 to 180 kW

  • CHAdeMO and CCS Type2

  • Reserve, Start, Stop, Pay and receive alerts on mobile app

  • CAPEX and Pay Per Use Models

  • Deployed and Serviced by Skybless

    General requirements include shaded space and adequate parking lots with ease of getting in and out for the largest format vehicle expected. Area should be free from water logging during rains. The location should be preferably in line of sight of security personnel &/or cameras. Mobile coverage should be available at the charging station spot. 


  • 3 kW AC charging for 2/3/4 W EVs

  • Charge with cable provided by the EV manufacturer 

  • Reserve, Start, Stop, Pay and receive alerts on mobile app

  • 3 ports per bay. 1 Bay good for upto 12 nos of electric 2/3 Ws and 2 cars. Add bays as EV count increases

  • Pay per use – no CAPEX investment/ obsolescence risk for the EV user

  • Small electric cars can also use this service, although in slow charging mode

  • Deployed and Serviced by Skybless 

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