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Rooftop Solar - Co-Invest Offer Outline

This is a unique feature of our solar energy solutions and service offering and rarely offered by any solar energy company or solar panel installer.

50% to 65% of the CAPEX Investment is made by Skybless, balance by the Society/ Building


Skybless shall recover its Capex investment by receiving a share of the monthly net savings 

The asset gets transferred to the Society/ Building upon full recovery of the Capex by Skybless, which is generally achieved within first five years, unlike the Pay as you Save option, in which the same takes much longer

The Society/ building has to agree for full off take of the energy generated and on an exclusive basis till asset transfer is done.

Skybless takes responsibility for projected energy generation excluding system downtime periods that are attributable to the Society/ Building, DISCOM, any other agency/party/authority or Force Majeure


All statutory and reasonable assistance required to ensure un-interrupted system operations is required from the Society/ Building


Any downtime, loss or damage to plant infra or structures due to any persons, events or reasons, not pertaining to System Operations and maintenance undertaken by Skybless, is to Society/ Building’s account

Terms  and conditions pertaining to many other scenarios have to be discussed and agreed between parties, to ensure reasonable and sufficient safeguards for each party

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